Which Key Digital Marketing Trends Should You Follow?

digital marketing trends

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No business can afford to neglect its online presence in 2016. With research indicating that a staggering 31 million people across the US alone will have used their mobile devices to go online by the end of the year, the internet is clearly never far from users’ reach.

The internet’s proliferation and global reach means consumers have more choice than ever today. Even the most well-established brands face stiff competition from smaller enterprises offering similar products and services at lower costs.

Following the latest trends is key to success. Which your business already be embracing? Continue reading

What Are Website Analytics Tools Good For?

what are website analytics toolsWebsite analytics tools are essential for monitoring your online performance. Without this data-tracking software in your arsenal, you stand to miss out on critical information. Every business looking to compete today has to maximize its online visibility and customer-engagement using the best tools available, and analytics data allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

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4 Social Media Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Website

drive traffic to site with social mediaIs your business using social media to its full potential?

Today, more than 2 billion people use social media and have an average of five accounts across different networks. Impressed? You should be.

From a business perspective, social media’s purpose is to drive traffic to your site. Simply creating an account and checking in every other week is a waste of everyone’s time: you have to commit to making the most of your social channels.

Here are four great social media techniques to drive traffic to your website. Continue reading

The Best Places To Put A Small Marketing Budget

small marketing budget

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Online advertising is an expanding field, offering companies across all sectors a wide variety of options. No matter how much or how little money you have available, making the right choices is key.

However, your budget does dictate your freedom to experiment. Those on a bigger budget can simply try again if one method fails to generate the best response. On the other hand, you’re unlikely to have the cash to finance another attempt on a smaller budget, making each choice more important.

You need to invest a small marketing budget in the right places, but how do you know what these are? Continue reading

Rankings Are Not A Good Marketing Goal – Here’s Why

orange county search engine placementOnce upon a time, not so long ago, rankings were the be-all and end-all of internet marketing. Businesses hiring a team of SEO consultants would expect their brand to appear on the top page of Google permanently, and some were willing to pay for this result regardless of the techniques employed.

This focus on visibility over credibility or ethics led to websites carrying hidden content, keyword-stuffed text (which was all but unreadable for users), and paid links from poor-quality sites. Since then, thankfully, search engines have clamped down on such behavior, rewarding domains which rely on solid content and smart techniques while penalizing those with black-hat methods.

Today, rankings and rankings alone are not a good marketing goal; there are more important things in a successful campaign. Here’s why. Continue reading

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Site

website page speed

Your website has many plates to spin at the same time.

First, the visuals must be attractive enough to grab visitors and keep them engaged. Your layout must be clear and well-structured enough to navigate with ease. Your content must be well-written, easy to scan, and appropriate for your target demographic.

However, one area you might not give enough consideration is speed. Continue reading

Does A Page Title Matter Anymore?

are page titles still important?As search engines evolve, businesses may well struggle to keep their websites optimized for the latest algorithm.

Failing to update a site is a huge mistake, and the subsequent drop in rankings can cause setbacks for a brand – and putting it right costs time and resources. Most of the changes implemented by Google are designed to improve user-experience and help sites of the highest quality perform better, but falling behind can be hugely annoying (to say the least). Knowing how to stay in-line with the latest trends, though, is hard. Continue reading

3 Marketing Conferences To Attend In 2016

marketing conferences 2016Every year, dozens of conferences across the USA offer marketers a deep insight into the current industry-culture while forecasting key future developments.

Professionals in the digital-marketing sector flock to these events by the hundred, keen to stay ahead of the curve, but traveing across the country to visit them all is nigh-on impossible. You have to pick and choose which conferences you attend, but which deserve priority?

Of all the events taking place throughout 2016, three in particular promise to be unmissable. Continue reading

5 SEO Checks to Make After Redesigning your Website

website redesign construction

From time to time, businesses need to redesign their website to stay current with the latest trends, incorporate new software, and add a fresh visual style.

However, this process carries a certain degree of risk. Unless you take precautions to minimize the disruption caused by the transition, your rankings could suffer, with some businesses known to lose as much as 70 percent of their organic traffic following a redesign.

After redesigning your website, there are five SEO checks to make to ensure the best performance … Continue reading

Why Backlinks Will Always Be Vital in Online Marketing

backlinksWhat are backlinks?

Essentially, backlinks are viewed as votes of confidence in your website from others, helping to boost Google’s assessment of its quality. This is essential for building authority in search engines: the more domains directing traffic to one site, the more valuable it is deemed to be.

For several years, all digital marketers regarded backlinks as a crucial aspect of good search marketing, but with the various changes to Google’s algorithm (such as the Penguin and Panda updates), some professionals may have placed less importance on them than before, scaling back on them.

However, backlinks remain an indispensable component of a solid digital-marketing campaign for any business. Like most search-marketing techniques, though, there is a right way and a wrong way to integrate them into your strategy.

For maximum results, keep the following points in mind while building your backlinks. Continue reading

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