Orange County SEO Agencies: Three Things to Look For in a Good One

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Orange County has a lot of SEO agencies, so how can you know which one to pick? We suggest you do your research before making a decision because the wrong SEO agency can end up damaging more than your wallet—they can damage your reputation online and your relationship with Google.

However this article isn’t meant to scare you or to shame the companies that bring our industry down. We simply want to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the right investment. The following are three things you should look for in any Orange County SEO agency you decide to work with. Continue reading

Are You Paying Enough Attention To Your Website Lead Generation Process?

orange county lead generationIs your business missing out on thousands of dollars in unclaimed revenue? If you aren’t paying enough attention to your website lead generation process — there’s a good chance you are.

Building your website and sales funnel is rarely a set it and forget it type of thing. To make the most of your website you should be constantly tweaking, improving, and adjusting to the response from your leads.

This might sound like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. The bulk of the work is done upfront and then your website just requires a little bit of attention on a regular basis. Little changes that only take ten to fifteen minutes at a time can add up to big increases in your bottom line — making it well worth the maintenance. Continue reading

Why Case Studies Make All The Difference When Selecting Your Orange County SEO Company

orange county seoNot all SEO companies are created equal. Between the vast amount of misinformation regarding SEO online and the wild promises that many SEO companies make, it’s easy for Orange County business owners to get taken advantage of by the wrong company.

For this reason we suggest you always look for SEO companies that openly share case studies with you. However, that’s not to say that SEO companies lacking case studies are looking to rip you off or take advantage of you. They are just not likely the best candidates for handling your SEO needs. Continue reading

Orange County Internet Marketing Agencies: 3 Criteria of a Good One

orange county digital marketing agencyWhen it comes to digital marketing in Orange County, you’ll find no shortage of people who think they’re an expert because they’ve read the top ten posts on the major SEO blogs. In reality, most internet marketing “advice” that you come across online is just old information that’s been recycled many times over.

If the common advice worked, no one would need to hire an internet marketing agency now would they? The truth is, real internet marketing experts know very well what works and what doesn’t, from experience. That’s why they are able to charge for their knowledge.

So how can you tell the difference between the agency putting on a front and the true experts? Here are three ways to do just that. Continue reading

3 SEO Strategies Orange County Businesses Often Overlook

orange county seoBusinesses in Orange County are savvy to the latest marketing trends. However, we are often surprised at the strategies that local businesses are overlooking with their search engine optimization.

That’s why we’ve put together this resource of three SEO strategies that we see overlooked far too often. The good news is, if your business is guilty of neglecting these strategies, that can be reversed starting today. Continue reading

5 Good Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website, Already

google mobile algorithm updateLet’s put them in reverse order, too – from least to most important.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t quite understand the thing that happened with mobile, and that’s ok. It’s not a trend. But it’s not a challenging thing to understand either. There’s been a lot of hype, and that’s mostly only hurt the calm, reasonable people like you. It’s almost worth wagering that part of the reason your site is not mobile friendly is because there’s just been so much hype.

In short, smartphones interrupted the way people use all computers, including those on the internet, and marketers have had to catch up with people so we can better meet their needs. We all make money along the way. Continue reading

Is Your Only Online Marketing Strategy the Right One?

orange county online marketing strategiesSEO used to be the only thing flying in Internet Marketing.

Find tons more traffic through search engine ranking and you’ll get tons more sales.

Google’s Penguin update in April 2012, and several important subsequent updates to the way that Google ranks and displays search results put a huge damper on all that SEO hysteria. It wasn’t an Earthquake that was immediately apparent, but the devastation to SEO practices has been near total.

Amateur SEO buffs have still not recovered and probably some half of all the people working in SEO still do not quite know what a post-Penguin SEO strategy should look like.

For folks whose only strategy was optimizing with ample keywords and keywords in just the right places, SEO may very well be dead. It simply stopped working. But… Continue reading

Schema Markup for Orange County Restaurant Websites: What You Should Know

Orange County Restaurant Website SEOThe restaurant website is a continually evolving animal.

Getting it to do what you want is a lot easier said than done. In most cases, restaurant websites act only as brochures and so getting people to click through still requires classic SEO techniques rather than flashy website antics and bells and whistles. That means, it’s got to show up in the results, and then it’s got to inspire a click.

Schema Markup is first and foremost being used simply to make your website stand out on the Google search results page. It’s unfair, but it really is that simple. That’s not to say that you should consider Schema Markup only as a way of adding some lights around your search results listing, but you could think of it that way. And for most restaurateurs. designed a way to label some of your site’s HTML content so that search engines – like Google, Yahoo and Bing – can better read the content and know exactly what it refers to. When they’ve done that, then they can re-present some of it to searchers on that search results page. Take a look here at exactly what thinks restaurants should be indicating.

You won’t be immediately loading up your entire website with every possible Schema code, but because Schema is relatively new (or at least, because it’s only slowly being adopted), it’s a fast way to bump your click-throughs from search engines. In part, that’s because few of your competitors are going to be yet using it. Let’s get going. Continue reading

Growing Organic Search Traffic In 2015: 5 Essentials

orange county seo2014 was a year of great reckoning for Organic Search Traffic and in a lot of other areas, too. SEO is not dead and it’s not going away. It’s also probably not getting a lot easier. Some might argue, though, that it’s a little bit more fun.

For people searching for things on the internet, Google arguably got their backs, and for that, the internet itself is a lot more fun. Were it not for a lot of the changes that Google has made, the Internet would undoubtedly have collapsed under the weight of so many hot air filled SEO consultants convinced that what they’re doing (sometimes on behalf of their clients and sometimes not) is not spam. Technically, maybe it’s not spam, but just about every SEO way of tricking Google has gone under the bus, and the bus keeps rolling on.

If you’re running, or continuing your website in 2015, here’s the most important SEO points you should know for keeping and growing that essential Organic Search Traffic. Continue reading

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