Optimizing for Image Search: 3 Tips to Get You Going

orange county seoAny SEO project can take a little sweat and quite a lot of know-how. Images are one of the easier things to tackle, and the surprise is that they’re often one of the things that get overlooked.

Whatever images you’re currently showing on your website, you can probably tweak them just a little bit and get a big return on the effort. All major search engines scan the Internet to now what’s out there, and to deal with images they actually rely far more on the graphic data itself. There are just a few text fields, then, that are of key importance to making sure that Search Engines scan and understand your photos accurately. (more…)

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SEO vs. Social: Which Matters More For Your Business?

orange county seoIn its infancy, SEO was primarily something for specialists and experts. Social Media was only for kids. Between the two there was essentially no interaction; and nobody cared.

Today, any business looking for even minimal success on the Internet needs to invest at least some time and effort into BOTH SEO and Social. There is still an argument about how much of either you may need, but it’s absolutely NOT a question of one vs. the other. No matter what your business model, B2B or B2C, it’s in your best business interest to understand both fields as two sides of the same coin.  Here are the four important reasons why:    (more…)

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