Holiday Search Marketing Campaign

Can you believe it?  It’s already that time of year… the most wonderful time of the year.  The Holidays are here.  To SEM’s, it’s the time of year when normal search traffic goes bezerk.  The usual purchase and conversion patterns go out the window.  One key metric that changes during the Holiday season is your revenue per click (RPC).  RPC tends to drastically improve heading into Thanksgiving and through the middle of December.    For obvious reasons, there is a higher urgency for people to buy/convert during the holiday season.   The chart below shows a 30% increase in RPC on Thanksgiving, and a more drastic jump on Cyber Monday.  Numbers continued to stay high throughout December for the expected holiday shopping season.   It’s not too late.  Call us now so we can get your campaign going.  The numbers play in your favor and we’d love to help you out.  949-330-7060

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