5 Pro Tips to Boost Your Rankings with Video

Video has power.

Just think of all those videos of dancing cats or uncanny impersonations in your social media feeds, many with millions of views and thousands of comments. Facebook alone generates an average of 8 billion video views each day as users across the globe share favorites with just a tap or two of their smartphone.

Your business can use video to build your online presence and climb the search engine results pages, but how?

Make Your Videos Interactive

Integrate annotations into videos, either elaborating on topics discussed or offering links to related videos or pages. Annotated videos are more likely to grab attention, and give viewers an element of control over your content if they choose to follow links.

Furthermore, a call to action at the end of the video takes viewers to your site directly. If a video promotes specific products, add individual links to those too.

Create Transcripts

A full video transcript is great complement to your videos: you can basically tell potential viewers what to expect, allowing them to get a feel for the content with a skim-read.

The key benefit, though, is that you’ll be gaining some sneaky keywords and telling search engines the video’s exact content. This is particularly useful with interviews, or videos covering statistics, as viewers will be able to find details without having to search back and forth through the video.

Cannibalize Your Video Content

This is nowhere near as gruesome as the headline suggests – promise!

Repurposing your video is a great way to get more out of your hard work. One idea is to break them down into bite-sized chunks and categorize them based on the material covered.

You can create slideshows and develop infographics based off the video’s content, too. All of these are ideal for sharing across social media, driving more traffic to your site from multiple sources.

Host Videos Yourself

Producing videos to improve your rankings can be hard work, so you want to get the most bang for your buck (literal and metaphorical). Uploading videos to YouTube is obvious and smart, given that it caters to 95 percent of the world’s Internet users, but hosting videos on your own domain prevents traffic going to YouTube itself instead of your site.

Ideally, you should create a new page for each video, adding more content to your site and making indexing easier.

Don’t Forget Your Metas

As mentioned above, you should slip keywords into transcripts of your videos, but metadata lets you use extra keywords too.

Make sure your meta titles and descriptions carry keywords, and describe videos’ content explicitly (to improve indexing). Tell search engine crawlers and viewers alike exactly what they’re about to see, hear, and read.

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