Local Search Optimization Basics

orange county local seo companyGoogle and Bing are powerful search engines catering to millions of users worldwide. With the advent of smart devices online search has increased manifold. Users now have the powerful internet medium at the disposal of their hands and on the go. In such an era of online search it’s imperative for websites to implement certain strategies to end up within the top 10-15 online search results.

Global searches are now narrowing down to local searches. Someone looking for a car repair shop expects search engines to display results within a 10-15 mile radius or maybe within the same city where he lives. This concept of search engines coming up with geographically smarter search results is called “Local Search”. It takes into consideration what an online user is searching for and combines that with where the user is located.

So how do search engines identify relevant localized results? The answer lies within the tactics implemented when designing a website. These practices are called Search Engine Optimization strategies. SEO implementation is of utmost importance for any website, blog or online entity. It helps search engine index and rank websites accordingly.

Local SEO Best Practices

Over the years SEO has evolved in tandem with changes of the search engine algorithms. Global SEO and Local SEO are two different aspects. Local SEO takes into consideration keywords which relate to geographically smaller vicinities. Search engines then crawl looking for websites that have local-targeted content or local listings to provide the best possible localized results to the online user. Let’s dig into some of the best Local On-page SEO practices a website should incorporate –

  • Local PagesIf you have a brick and mortar location (or locations) you need to have an individual page for each on your website listing NAP (name, address, phone #).
  • Title Tags – Target keywords should always appear in Title Tags. For location specific pages, include the name and address of the location. For other pages, ensure no more than 2 keywords are targeted in the title and content.
  • URLs – the URL of your website has to have the targeted keyword.
  • Content – Do not stuff your page with keywords. 500-600 words total are recommended and the keyword density should not be more than 1-1.5%. Smaller sentences, embedded links and relevant content are a must. For local pages, include info about the location (manager, email addresses, images, directions, maps, etc.).
  • Functionality – make sure to check everything is up and running on the website. Search engines do not overlook broken pages and links, so these need to be addressed. The speed of your site is vital so do what you can to reduce load times. Hidden elements, bad scripts or errors should be flushed out.

Localized Search ResultsGet Listed

Search engines are intelligent entities which run on algorithms. When a user types in a keyword in Google or Bing the algorithm hunts for information based on that keyword. The websites which have implemented the correct SEO practices and are indexed correctly show up in the search results. These results can also be locally focused depending on the search term, the user’s IP address or the user’s search history.

Localized search results target local audiences. A user located in Los Angeles looking for the best Greek restaurant in town would not benefit from a search result showing up an authentic Greek café somewhere in Athens. If a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles has been implementing local SEO best practices its name is bound to show up within the top 10 results.

Another aspect of ranking higher is to build up your online listings. Foursquare, Yelp, Google+ Local, Bing Local, YP.com, etc. are few of the major online databases. Users tend to find reviews and ratings on these websites. If your business or website is listed on these databases it helps you build reputation. Customers can leave feedback, connect with you through social media and drive more business through these strategies. Superpages.com, MerchantCircle.com and BOTW.org are other such platforms where listing your local business helps you gain ranking during searches. A great place to check your current local listings health is on GetListed.org. There you can get a free comprehensive look on any listings you are missing, unclaimed listings, and listings that are properly set up.

Local listings and localized search is growing in importance with each passing day. The trend of global search is now diverting towards local search, especially given that proliferation of smartphones. Creating an online presence through different avenues helps gain traction in search results. Social media, listing platforms and SEO tactics combined together is the perfect recipe for your website or business to appear atop relevant search results.


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Yahoo! movin’ and shakin’

Yahoo! has been making a lot of big acquisitions under recently appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer.   I recently had a discussion with colleagues about the idea of aligning with people or things who you would always bet on (or never bet against).  My sports gambling friend always says to never bet against the Lakers in the long run.  There may be losses but in the big picture they tend to win more than lose (LeBron 2014!!!).  Elon Musk of Paypal, space travel, and now most well-known for Tesla is someone who seems to have the Midas touch (BTW, look up his solution to a 30 minute commute from LA to SF and 1 hour from LA to NY).  Warren Buffet, enough said.  I’ve spoken to a couple angel investors and know a few Tesla leaders who would bet on Elon’s projects in a minute.  Someone who is close to making that list is Marissa Mayer.  She’s been making a lot of controversial moves that I think are the right moves.  She identified that Yahoo!’s strength spans beyond Search Engine Marketing and makes decisions to strengthen the company’s position beyond search.  She brings a solid track record from Stanford, Google, and is now making waves at Yahoo.

Part of their change is to give the logo a makeover.  (As a marketing agency in Orange County, we know a thing or two about makeovers.)  Yahoo! plans to release a new logo every day during the month of August.  You can follow the daily updates here:  http://www.yahoo.com/dailylogo.  In September, the winning logo will be announced.

While most businesses overlook the impact of a new logo, there have been quite a few epic fails in recent memory.  Until they announce in September, here are some examples of logo redesigns that cause backlash and negativity.

University of California:



Seattle’s Best Coffee (I personally liked this one):


London Olympics:


And, of course, GAP:

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