Growing Organic Search Traffic In 2015: 5 Essentials

orange county seo2014 was a year of great reckoning for Organic Search Traffic and in a lot of other areas, too. SEO is not dead and it’s not going away. It’s also probably not getting a lot easier. Some might argue, though, that it’s a little bit more fun.

For people searching for things on the internet, Google arguably got their backs, and for that, the internet itself is a lot more fun. Were it not for a lot of the changes that Google has made, the Internet would undoubtedly have collapsed under the weight of so many hot air filled SEO consultants convinced that what they’re doing (sometimes on behalf of their clients and sometimes not) is not spam. Technically, maybe it’s not spam, but just about every SEO way of tricking Google has gone under the bus, and the bus keeps rolling on.

If you’re running, or continuing your website in 2015, here’s the most important SEO points you should know for keeping and growing that essential Organic Search Traffic. (more…)

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