9 SEO Essentials for Orange County Brick and Mortar Businesses

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Now that some of the shine has worn off of ecommerce and online retailing, bricks and mortar stores are breathing a little easier

People have figured out: It’s fun going shopping! Thank goodness, everything in life hasn’t moved online. People are still visiting, checking out your stuff, and piling some of it into the cart. But whatever the nature of your bricks and mortar operation, Orange County retail is not going anywhere.

Online, there’s lots to be done for the multitude of shopping, services and eating establishments. That doesn’t mean moving more of your business online, though you can do that, too. Rather, let’s focus on what the average bricks and mortar store can do to boost their walk-in business.

Both Local and Traditional SEO require using very specific techniques so that more and more people can find your site easily. But “Local SEO” generally includes tactics likely to focus on visitors in or of a specific geographic location. Most “traditional SEO” refers to the tactics used to get any visitor irrespective of location and presumably because the site owners goals include providing service or products to anyone, anywhere. You can find out more here.


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