SEP is Good for the Search Engines, Too!

You have a favorite search engine, right?  You probably chose one or two by avoiding those that delivered the least helpful information.  Over time some of those less effective search engines have disappeared.  To avoid losing relevance, it’s important for the search engines to make sure that their search results are accurate and meaningful.  The SEP model helps them accomplish this goal.  Our staff at NettSolutions has the resources and the know-how to help you choose search terms that most accurately describe your business and most effectively draw buyers to your website. 

As an Authorized Reseller for Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and their affiliates, Nett Solutions provides companies worldwide with top placement in the 1st , 2nd or 3rd sponsored positions, generating the targeted traffic that translates to real, bottom-line results.

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Keyword Strategies From NettSolutions

Without a true understanding of what people are actually typing into a browser to find a particular product or service, many businesses make the costly mistake of guessing which terms they think people would use to search for what they do. The vast majority of the time the way people actually search varies significantly from what businesses assume.

The other error that can be even more costly to a business is assuming that a high search volume automatically means more business. Just because a search yields a high search traffic volume it does not necessarily mean targeted traffic or qualified leads.

For example a tradeshow design firm might purchase the keywords “trade show” and receive an exceedingly high volume of people searching that phrase, however many of these people will be looking for trade shows to attend. Broad terms are searched heavily but they do not necessarily get the click throughs and conversions that more targeted keywords would yield.

Nett Solutions looks at more than just volume. Our focus is to give you a targeted strategy that will yield qualified leads that are more likely to be searching for exactly what you have to offer

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