Struggling for Content Ideas? Here are 6 Simple Tips

Struggling for Content Ideas? Here are 6 Simple Tips

Generating ideas for new content can be a challenge, but our Orange County SEO team has six tips for you to try!


Stay Updated on News Stories in Your Industry and Local Area

Tracking the latest events in your industry and local area can provide you with exciting content ideas.

For example, new regulations may come into force that require your business to adjust the way you work or the services you provide. You could write an in-depth post about the reasons for these changes, how they’ll affect customers, and other key points.

Similarly, an event taking place in your area — such as a business expo or conference — could inspire a number of posts. Could you interview any thought leaders in attendance? How about covering your business’s role in an important community event (e.g. raising money for a local charity)?


Listen to Podcasts Related to Your Niche

Podcasters discussing topics related to your industry, products, or services can provide you with valuable content inspiration. And with more than 2 million podcasts from all over the world, you have plenty to choose from.

Can you expand on what has already been covered in a podcast or approach a topic from a fresh perspective? Mention any podcasts that inspire you directly in your blog post, video, or podcast for transparency, then share your own thoughts on discussions or news.


Repurpose Old Content

Take a look at a blog post, how-to guide, or video you published months or years ago. Can you make something new out of it?

Let’s say you have a blog post offering advice to startups trying social media marketing for the first time. You could take any tips that are still relevant and use them as the basis for a new video or podcast. Repurposing your content will help you save time that you would otherwise spend trying to generate entirely new ideas.


Welcome Ideas from Across Your Company

Don’t just look to your content team to generate ideas: invite everyone in your company to suggest ideas. People from across different departments will have experience, insights, and opinions that could inspire a wealth of new content.

And your content may be less likely to become repetitive or stale as a result.


Check Comments Sections for Helpful Reader Insights

How do readers or viewers respond to content? Read their comments on your site, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to harvest ideas. You may see a question or criticism that inspires a new blog post or video.


Study Your Best Content to Discover What Works

Identify the highest-performing content you have published, and explore those posts, videos, or podcasts in detail. Why do they work so well? Why have they attracted so much attention? Consider how you can build new content around your findings.



Try these tips when brainstorming new content ideas to make the creative process easier. Want to get your content in front of a bigger audience? Need help with identifying strong keywords? Our Orange County SEO team is ready to help you!

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