The Nett Solutions Difference

Search Engine Placement (SEP) is a relatively new approach to Search Engine Marketing, which is why many companies immediately confuse it with other options such as Paid for Placement and Search Engine Optimization.

Nett Solutions was among the first companies to work with the top Search Engines to offer Guaranteed Fixed Placement as an option back in 2003, and continues to be one of just a handful of SEP providers today.

Nett Solutions employs high level search professionals and offers continuous training with an emphasis on effective strategies for your business. Our goal is to not just get you traffic, but to make sure that traffic is targeted so you can achieve outstanding results.

With guaranteed placement in one of the top 3 sponsored positions, you no longer need to worry about bidding for placement, or being moved out of your position. With unlimited click-throughs and a flat rate pricing model you also do not need to worry about fluctuating costs, making the budgeting process much easier. Now you can relax and get back to your real business, knowing that your placement is assured.

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With Nett Solutions You’re Always at the Top of Search Engine Results

With NettSolutions your website placement is guaranteed to show up in one of the top 3 sponsored positions for the duration of your contract. Our guarantee is very simple. Your website will appear in one of the top 3 sponsored positions for Yahoo! and Google 24/7.

Unlike some of the alternative choices where you may be at the top of the page one moment, and the next time someone looks for you, you are gone, with Search Engine Placement you are guaranteed 24/7 placement so that when customers and potential customers are searching, they will always find you in one of the top 3 sponsored positions.

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