Which Key Digital Marketing Trends Should You Follow?

digital marketing trends
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No business can afford to neglect its online presence in 2016. With research indicating that a staggering 31 million people across the US alone will have used their mobile devices to go online by the end of the year, the internet is clearly never far from users’ reach.

The internet’s proliferation and global reach means consumers have more choice than ever today. Even the most well-established brands face stiff competition from smaller enterprises offering similar products and services at lower costs.

Following the latest trends is key to success. Which your business already be embracing?

The Power of Personalization

A personalized service will help you make an impact with customers. Effective techniques include:

  • Create promotional emails which address the recipient by name, for a more bespoke marketing approach
  • Targeting promotions to suit specific sub-groups across your demographic, offering discounts on certain products
  • Individualizing customer recommendations for return visits (such as Amazon does)
  • Allow customers to create personal accounts for faster, simpler purchases in the future, with the promise of exclusive offers and discounts as an incentive to register

The more you tailor your site and services to customers, the more valued they will feel.

Never Underestimate the Value of an App

The way in which Google interacts with apps is evolving, making them ultimately more accessible and valuable. Firebase App Indexing (formerly Google App Indexing) allows users to click directly into apps on their phones or tablets from SERP listings, eliminating the need to close a browser and open a fresh app.

Their app streaming service caters to users without the need or inclination to download an entire application to reach content within it. For example, anyone looking to read an article published on a news organization’s app can access the piece from Google listings directly. This helps to give them a taste of the app’s content they might otherwise have missed, and increases the chances of securing new users.

Google’s ‘In App’ search facility also allows users to search for information in their apps, rather than the web itself.

Try to identify at least one aspect of your business which would suit an app. Remember, there is an app for almost everything today, from recording our activity levels and preparing meals to identifying parking spots and organizing schedules.

Broadcast to your Followers with Live Streaming

Features like Facebook Live, Periscope, and other live-streaming services have become incredibly popular in the past year. Everyone from minor celebrities to industry-leaders can use these to engage their followers with a real-time feed.

Experiment with:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Webinars
  • Q&A sessions
  • Practical instructional videos (such as home improvement tips, setting up your brand’s electronics etc.)

Build Loyalty to Make Every Customer Count

Building a loyal customer base is key to maintaining a successful business. You have to encourage customers to come back again and again.

Look at subscription boxes. Brands like Graze, Loot Crate, and more exist because of long-term subscribers. Can you create a subscription-based service that suits customers’ exact tastes and requirements? If not, can you set up a loyalty program to award special discounts or freebies to repeat customers?

By integrating such services into your profile, you will have a new addition to your marketing arsenal.

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