3 SEO Strategies Orange County Businesses Often Overlook

orange county seoBusinesses in Orange County are savvy to the latest marketing trends. However, we are often surprised at the strategies that local businesses are overlooking with their search engine optimization.

That’s why we’ve put together this resource of three SEO strategies that we see overlooked far too often. The good news is, if your business is guilty of neglecting these strategies, that can be reversed starting today.

1. Valuable Content for People

The most common mistake when implementing a SEO campaign is creating content for search engines, instead of people. All content is not created equal.

Content marketing needs to prioritize quality over quantity. Articles stuffed with keywords and recycled content are useless. Content needs to actually provide value for the readers to be effective.

Many businesses try to save money by outsourcing their SEO efforts overseas. However, despite the seemingly low cost, the ROI is rarely positive. For your SEO campaign to be successful, the content needs to be relatable to your audience. This generally requires more expertise and a firm grasp of the English language that you won’t find on outsourcing websites.

Search engines can tell if content is valuable or not, because they measure the engagement it receives. If readers aren’t interested, they don’t share your content and they don’t come back. Google is very adamant about prioritizing valuable content in their rankings and they aren’t fooled easily.

Write for people and the search engines will take notice and adjust accordingly.

2. Powerful Web Design

Web design is important for several reasons. Above all, it is important for user experience.

People like modern, clean, and responsive websites. As much as we like to think it doesn’t, looks do matter. And people aren’t the only ones judging your design — search engines have an opinion as well.

Search engines see everything that your visitors see and more. They can see if your code is sloppy and if you have broken links. They measure your speed against the highest standards and rank fast websites higher.

Professional web design is one of the most undervalued strategies for SEO. It doesn’t build links, but it builds authority with Google and that’s just as important.

3. Including a Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Google tracks the engagement of your audience as a ranking measurement. Many businesses wonder why their visitors aren’t commenting, sharing their content, or signing up for their mailing lists.

Are you asking them to?

If not, you should be. It might sound simple, but it’s one of the most overlooked tactics we see with clients. Every piece of content should ask the reader to take action on something. It can be as simple as leaving a comment or entering a contest.

By taking action on your request they are becoming more engaged and Google takes notice. SEO doesn’t build itself. It takes some effort. Are you taking action to improve your SEO?