Orange County Search Engine Placement: Three Reasons Why it’s Better than Traditional PPC

orange county search engine placementResearch shows that, on average, we perform 12 billion searches in the U.S every single month. This staggering figure shows just how much we depend on the internet as part of our daily lives: from finding the lyrics to that old Springsteen track to finding a reliable plumber in your city, search engines are as essential to many of us as food and drink.

This deep immersion in the online world is the reason digital ad spending is predicted to top out at $58.61 billion in 2015 in the U.S.: businesses recognize how vital it is to secure traffic and conversions as a means of attracting new customers.

PPC plays a huge part in web marketing, with Google Adwords and Bing Ads being the most well-known platforms. However, using PPC itself is no guarantee of success – in order to reach their target demographic and boost traffic to their site, businesses must create ads using the best keywords and phrases possible.

Search engine placement (SEP) is the best way to create high-quality ads that bring impressive results and appeal to your ideal customer. Why? Let’s take a look. 

Search Engine Placement is Aimed at Purchase-Ready Users

There are three types of search: informational (in which the user is looking to answer questions or gain insight); navigational (in which the user wants to find a specific site); and transactional (in which users are ready to buy something).

Search engine placement uses only the strongest ‘purchase-ready’ keywords to reach users at the buying stage. For example, if you ran a plumbing company, using the terms ‘plumbers’ would put you against serious competition – think about the thousands of businesses using this term. However, a term such as ’24 hour plumbers Orange County’ (for example) would be appealing directly to users in need of a round-the-clock service in a specific location, refining your chances of a click.

SEP Brings Greater ROI 

Securing a solid return on your investment is key in every aspect of running a successful business, but when you set out on a digital marketing campaign, knowing how well certain factors will work in your favor can be difficult – you may feel as if you are gambling a little.

Search engine placement offers a greater ROI due to the strong targeting it is based upon. When a business uses more streamlined search terms, rather than generic ones, the likelihood of securing clicks is higher – especially if your ad’s phrasing is location-specific.

SEP Ads’ Higher Bids Reflect their Efficiency

Google Adwords features a Quality Score, and each search performed matching your keywords will have a score calculated for it – this will be higher the more relevance your ad offers to a user. A score of 10 (the maximum) will mean the best positioning and lower cost-per-click rates for each ad.

While bids for ads featuring only the strongest search terms are higher bids, paying these bigger rates early on is much more worthwhile in the long-run than simply paying for cheaper ads with a lower score.

Here at Nett Solutions, we’re an experienced, passionate Orange County SEO agency dedicated to helping businesses just like yours achieve outstanding results through bespoke campaigns. Our search engine placement services are tailored to your unique profile for maximum impact – we’ll help to connect you with your ideal customers, with real results.