Reasons Why a Remarketing Campaign Might Not Be Driving Results

what is remarketing
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What is remarketing?

Let’s keep this simple. Remarketing is basically a way to continually target your customers after they leave your site, thanks to the power of data-gathering cookies.

When visitors leave your website or app without completing a transaction, your AdWord ads will feature on domains within the Google Display Network to re-engage said users. This minimizes the danger of losing their interest altogether.

While a remarketing campaign can play a powerful part in your online advertising, you may find it fails to drive traffic back to your website as soon as you would like.

Sounds familiar? Don’t panic!

A number of factors might be to blame. Let’s look at the usual suspects.

Your Ads Are Irrelevant

Try to avoid making your remarketing ads too generic. Take a more creative approach, and tailor ads to the audience you want to reach.

For example, if you’re looking to target prospects who browsed your selection of women’s sneakers, make sure your ads showcase that exact range. Otherwise, if you’re displaying generic ads for your entire selection of products, you’re missing out on a chance for more effective engagement.

Your ads must also feature the same style as your website and branding: prospects should recognize your company as soon as they see the ads. If they were impressed by your site but left for reasons beyond your control (pressing engagements, becoming distracted etc.), they will probably click straight through as soon as they recognize your brand.

A solid call-to-action makes this even more likely. Use powerful words, emphasize how your products or services will make life easier / better. Now’s not the time to be modest.

You’re Neglecting Your International Audience

If you’re able to ship products or provide services to international customers, be sure to factor this into your remarketing campaign. Failing to consider non-domestic prospects can cost you valuable clicks, and may be to blame for lower impressions than you would like.

Go to your campaign settings and make sure you are targeting all languages. However, only do this if you can provide any interested customers with the products or services they need. Trying to secure clicks without rewarding visitors’ interest will do you no favors.

You Forget to Target Prospects Who Abandoned Purchases

A staggering 69 percent of online carts are abandoned.

We’ve all been there. You put products into your basket, click to the checkout, and change your mind. You leave the site and forget about those sneakers or that hat you almost bought.

You need to tailor your remarketing to bring those would-be customers back to complete their transaction. Draw up a list of prospects who visited the basket page, and compare this with those who saw your order confirmation page.

See those people who left their goods behind? Remarket to them. Simple.

Set Impression Caps to Avoid Chasing Prospects Away

Most of us know how frustrating seeing the same ads over and over again is. Not only does it feel intrusive, it can leave a sour taste in prospects’ mouths whenever they think about your brand.

Put a cap on the amount your visitors will end up seeing your ads in the future. The magic number will be different for each business, and speaking to an expert will help you tailor your campaign to your brand’s exact needs.

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