4 Social Media Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Website

drive traffic to site with social mediaIs your business using social media to its full potential?

Today, more than 2 billion people use social media and have an average of five accounts across different networks. Impressed? You should be.

From a business perspective, social media’s purpose is to drive traffic to your site. Simply creating an account and checking in every other week is a waste of everyone’s time: you have to commit to making the most of your social channels.

Here are four great social media techniques to drive traffic to your website.

#1: Don’t Just Sell – Engage

Make sure your account is as unique as your brand. Establish a voice that echoes your business profile: do you want to be coolly formal or more relaxed?

Make sure you know how you want to be perceived, and then start engaging. Create high-value posts which link to articles your followers might find interesting. Communicate with those sharing materials relevant to your products, services, or industry. Get involved.

The more you can engage with people across social networks, the more likely they are to check out your site.

# 2: Join Groups and Communities

Social groups and communities are a fantastic place to build a following.

Whether this is on LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, find groups related to your niche, your services, or any specific interests your brand has. Take part in discussions, be engaging, be memorable, and give people a reason to check out your website.

Avoid dropping your URL into conversations, and never resort to sales pitches. Users are too smart for that.

# 3: Embrace the Power of the ‘Like and Share’ Competition

Many brands launch competitions on their social channels. This is an effective way to grab people’s attention, and equates to more likes and shares.

You have to offer people an irresistible prize to justify their endorsement. Their own social circles will see what competitions they are taking part in, so keep that in mind: is your post enticing enough to garner interest from those with no obvious interest in your products or services?

# 4: Create a YouTube Channel and Link to your Social Accounts

YouTube has more than one billion users.

Obviously, every business should have a YouTube channel. This is the ideal space to:

  • Demonstrate products
  • Offer advice and valuable insights into your industry
  • Showcase your brand and services
  • Put a human face on your business

Your YouTube channel should be a unique space which shows viewers why they should care about your brand. Link to your social accounts from your page, and invite people to share the video if they enjoyed it. The better and more creative your channel is over competitors’, the better your chances of driving traffic.

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