10 Great Content Ideas for your Orange County Beachfront Business

orange county seoNo one, anywhere, makes quite enough of the beaches in Orange County. It’s a great tourism economy and running a business in the Orange County coast can be satisfying and lucrative.

That should be a good thing because there is actually a big opening if you’re running a business anywhere in coastal Orange County – or writing a blog about one. Whether you’re doing content trying to nail traffic, or you’re doing it more for straight marketing and communications, try any, all or just the most appropriate of the following. Take this list, build it out, rough it up and then polish it and you’ll have ten great articles for the next 3 months of active marketing.

1) Photo Tips for better Vacation Photos from your smart phone. – Be specific and tell folks some local places for the best angles, the best sunsets and the best backgrounds for selfies. Do your research and make sure you come up with some hard practical advice and include some illustrations. Here’s a good list to start your own research.

2) Packing Lists! What to Pack? What Not to Pack! – Either way, there are some specific things that people traveling from inland, and people arriving from further away should know. We’ve even seen some very humorous – and still informative – what NOT to pack lists. If you’re area really does have some surprises, get them in there too.

3) Safety Tips – for Hiking? For Night Clubbing? For Swimming? – Everything can be a little dangerous, but ask around and you’ll see that you’re people are probably better safety experts than you know. There’s some things that local people will and will not do. Jot them down into a hefty list and you’re blog is set to go in no time.

4) Birds and Wildlife Lists – You know what they are. Sea birds, sea lions, all kinds of great wild creatures are also your partners in a simple Wild Welcome to Orange County. Make sure you do some research, check some offline sources and the books still hanging around the house. You also make your business – even something totally unrelated – that much more personable and approachable. Don’t forget. If you really do support a local fund for wildlife or conservation, why not help them out from your business blog too.

5) The Recipe for Stuff You Can’t Get Anywhere Else – Recipes are always evergreen. Just think what’s the most distinctive dish served around here? If you recommend it to people who visit, well recommend it to your visitors too. There’s no reason you can’t also support and celebrate the other great businesses in your area at the same time.

6) Top Rainy Day Destinations – How about a list of all the other great places to visit when the weather is not so accommodating. Of course, you’ve got the museums and galleries and shopping but how about the secret places no one knows about? What about the indoor sports teams or leagues that don’t make the nightly news?

7) The Secret Orange County Coast – There’s still a lot of places that no one ever heard of. As they say in the local search industry… all those place names make excellent keywords and they really work. Don’t worry about speaking publically. Write it up even if it’s not the place you would visit and you don’t have to give harsh warnings (Don’t go there!) but just honest straightforward opinions.

8) FAQs! Frequently Asked Questions are always amazing for SEO but they have the double effect of also making your business appear helpful, engaged and well informed. In fact, you should be writing up a new FAQ every time you collect a few more questions.  Add a few more less frequently asked questions and you’re square. Post it. Done.

9) Itineraries – Travel Plans, Calendar Schedules and What-To-Do lists. These can be complicated or simple. For insiders or outsiders. For couples or families or a niche you’re targeting. Anyway you shake it up, you can always make more of what to do than what visitors may have already planned. Every couple of weeks you can go back and plan some more.

10) How-To Articles – These can also be simple – or complicated. Even driving directions can work, but how about “How to Save A Bundle on What I’m Selling” or “How to Avoid the Blues in Newport Beach.” All of these can be specific for the audience you want to reach and for the problem you’re aiming to solve. Every time you solve someone’s problem, you’re setting yourself up to be remembered, and remembered again and again.

If you’ve got your own content idea, we’d love to hear about it. Blogging or content creation is always as simple as the idea that dawns on you. But adding some fresh, informative content to your site is always going to make you – and your visitors – happy.