Sometimes “too good to be true” is True!

Top placement on Google and Yahoo! and it’s guaranteed. Was this one of those “too good to be true” situations? As a web agency and dealing with SEO and PPC campaigns for the majority of my clients, being able to deliver results is the cornerstone of my business. I was introduced to Nett Solutions by a friend, who explained their guaranteed placement model. As a high integrity agency that would never give a guarantee I couldn’t deliver on, I was a bit skeptical. However after checking them out and meeting both their principals and several employess, I was pleased to find out that they do indeed have agreements in place with Yahoo! and Google and they do deliver exactly what they promise! I was concerned that their model was only to deliver on select keywords, however after working with them for more than a year, with many clients enjoying the benefits of SEP, I can tell you that my experience has been that Nett Solutions will quote on any keywords that we are interested in and are very good at steering us away from those keywords that will not deliver. They are as concerned about our clients’ results as we are! How refreshing…

My clients are ecstatic – they know what their fees are every month, they have no additional management costs, their keywords are right where we’ve told them they would be 24/7 and most importantly, they are getting great results. In addition, we don’t have to worry about click fraud – what a relief.

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