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Orange County Search Engine Placement (SEP)

What Is Search Engine Placement?

Research reveals Sponsored Listings account for 64.6% of the clicks for keywords with high commercial intent. What exactly are keywords with “high commercial intent”? In short, this means “people looking to buy.”

Search Engine Placement (SEP) is the quickest way to get in front of customers with a buying intent.  Our quick and easy two step process is simple.  First we work with you to discuss your needs, goals, and who you’re trying to target in terms of geography or demographic.  Then our team builds a search campaign based on connecting you with your customers.  From the time we build your campaign to the time you see your ads “up and live” can be as short as a few days.

Our Approach To Search Engine Placement

Whether you are selling a product or service, you need a strong web presence to increase revenue. Our Orange County search engine marketing team utilizes our skill, education and experience to fulfill all your growth needs. Does your site lack search engine compatibility and visibility? Struggling to win top positions for your site on Google, Yahoo! or Bing? Is there too much organic competition for you to earn the critical first-page ranking?  Is PPC taking too much of your time? Then SEP is the right fit for you. Place your site where your customers are looking.

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