We like to think of Display as the online version of mailers, magazine or newspaper ads. While people are online checking local news, sports scores, or Hollywood gossip your business’ ad will appear right beside what they are reading. It’s a simple, effective way to get in front of a vast audience.

Display Ads are a great way to build your brand, increase awareness, and are completely scalable to your target demographic. Our Network reaches 90% of the global online audience across 2 million publisher sites so we’ve got you covered. Influence customers before they even set foot in your store or visit your website. With hundreds of styles and several size and format options, display ads put you in position to do just that.


If you’re already doing search, that’s even better!  Studies shows that, on average, search activity rose by an average of 155% following a display ad and nearly 27% of users performed a search instead of clicking the ad. The synergy between search and display advertising can provide opportunities to:

  • Reach customers at different points in their purchase cycles.
  • Promote specific messages, promotions and products for your business.
  • Increase the frequency in which customers are exposed to your business.

Looking to attract customers of a certain gender, age group, or geographic location to your site?  Not a problem. Our team of Orange County display advertising experts works closely with you to identify your target market and launch ads that match your message. By targeting the right segment, we can increase campaign performance to ensure an efficient use of your budget.

Will Display work for you?  Find out here.

What our clients say

Nett-Solutions RQS Performance Grader



Our Relevancy & Quality Score (RQS) Grader PLUS provides the benchmarking you need to increase revenue.

  • Compare your keyword ranking to your competitors’.
  • Learn where you are gaining & losing position.
  • Evaluate Rankings on a page-by-page or URL basis.
  • Identify your hot button keywords.


Meaning of picture:
I’m wildly influenced and motivated by the aesthetics of my environment and Simon Bailly’s retrofuture art style is a near perfect aesthetic.

People say I look like:
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (or at least that’s what my coworkers said when I asked [I had to Google him])

When I call in “sick,” I’m really:
Sick. I would never fake an illness in order to stay in bed watching movies all day. Literally have never done that before…

I finally:
Quit hockey and moved back to sunny Southern California.

I will:
Try to stop passing off existentially charged and self deprecating commentary about my own existence as jokes.

Favorite joke:
Trying to find meaning in life while dealing with the banal repetition of day in, day out tasks. Oh no, I did it again…

Favorite pickup line:
Pointing to an empty part of the room and saying “My friend over there thinks you’re cute” and proceeding to indiscriminately sprint to the spot you were pointing at.

Favorite Movie:
Interstellar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Django Unchained. Picking one isn’t happening. 

My parents always nag me about:
Leaving my lights on. It’s a bad habit. I’m working on it.

Favorite Quote:
“The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” – Albert Camus