TiAnn P. (Speech Therapists)

“Hi Todd, I just wanted to send a quick note saying what a positive experience this has been for me so far. I’ve enjoyed talking with you and all of the other people you work with. If you ever need a referral for a small business owner, I’d be happy to give one.”


Lisa M. (Airport Parking)

“Thank you so much Alana! I appreciate your extra effort and your vast experience in your business! And…. be sure to tell the PRESIDENT…. no…. tell the CEO and COO…. that…. ALANA ROCKS! I am sure that they are aware of this fact as clearly your new title and responsibilities reflect this…. I just want them to know that Alana keeps on giving and giving and giving plus…. Alana’s product knowledge and professional personal touch can impress ANY FIRST TIME PERSON and the REPEAT PERSON AND ANY EXECUTIVE. As a very loyal repeat and executive customer…. I can only state this over and over…. again and again…. Thank you Alana…. as ALANA ROCKS!…. SO please take special care of Alana, she really goes the extra mile and clearly can impress any one type of customer! I will never want anyone else!”


Lian C. (Kitchen & Bath)

“We’ve been using Nett Solutions for our online campaign for a couple of years, and we are very pleased with them in their professional assistance as well as the ad result. Rebekah has been our point of contact. She has been very prompt in providing us the necessary information/answering questions, and so are the other domain experts who we talked to.

One thing we feel great about Nett Solutions is that they are really treating our ad campaigns like their own — they deliver their promise, they provide us proper suggestions, they do not push us to buy various expensive packages like lots of other online marketing companies do. Our ads have turned out to bring significant quality traffic to our website. We are very pleased with them. Thank you, Rebekah; thank you, Nett Solutions!”


Cyndi B. (Vacation Rentals)

“I submitted a proposal to the [company] board to allow me to talk about Retargeting Marketing and how easy and successful Nett Solutions and our tech staff at [company] has made it possible for us to grow our web presence as well increase online bookings through this advertising venue.

Don’t know if they will feel it’s a worthwhile subject or not, but I would like to share our experience. By the end of summer 2011, our online bookings had grown by 16%. It will be interesting to see how much further we’ve grown through winter business, but I feel we will surpass this figure. I also appreciate the stats I am given to show we are surpassing the industry norm, not by a small margin but by 25%! The fact that I can send an idea to Karina and she makes it happen within minutes – not days – makes a huge difference in our consumer messaging…. I’m not waiting weeks to implement a new marketing campaign or change my messaging to the consumer. Thanks again!”


Nathan E. (Law Firm)

“Hey Sean, Thank you for all the work you have done, we are getting ready to refer a new client to you. We have one of our own clients wanting to get their web presence developed and we are recommending you and our other web company. I have given them your personal extension if that is fine, but you may need to refer them to someone else in your office because they are Spanish speakers.”


Pete S. (Fruit Gift Baskets)

“Chris, we’re nearly finished shipping citrus for the 11-12 season. Thanks to you and Nett Solutions, it was the best ever.  Our internet store volume of orders increased almost 70%, with a revenue increase of 60%. Our overall advertising cost was higher, mostly because I continued to run regular adwords with terms that didn’t drive as much volume comparatively speaking, and we also increased our Facebook advertising activity.

Overall, our program with you was the most cost effective, and we will probably want to shift more terms your way next season… I would like to work with you to analyze the results of the past season, and plan for the campaigns next season. We can begin to look at pricing in September for the adwords campaign, with a startup of October-November, depending on cost and expected search activity…

As I mentioned, I may be traveling in Spain during the period when we would be starting up the adwords and ads next year in early November, so the more we can get done and settled now, the better. Many thanks, Chris.”


Tom H. (Airline Broker)

“You and your team did a good job [on my website] at a fair price in a timely manner.  PS: Working with you was a breath of fresh air, your professionalism and expertise is second to none. I got to believe whatever they are paying you is not enough.”


Bill L. (Limo Service)

“Hi Pat, Thanks for getting my new ads up and running so quickly. They look and work great. We already see a difference. Noteably, the Car Services ads have always been excellent. I’m looking into my budget to add some more with Brian.”


LeeAnne Edwards, Kendall Jackson Enterprises

“Nett Solutions has been instrumental in assisting us with our marketing efforts. As a major wine distributor and manufacturer, we utilize almost all of the traditional forms of marketing. However, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the internet has provided us the best overall value. I highly recommend Nett Solutions. They do what they promise.”


Alex Niswander, Midwest Software

“I was skeptical at first because I had done the search engine game for a long time and could not get top placement. Nett Solutions promised top 3 placement and I gave them a shot. To my surprise, they did the job. Now we are top 3 for all the keywords they recommended, and it cost much less than the pay-per-click! Do yourself and your company a favor and sign up with these guys today!  Call me if you are not sold, 515-979-1185.”



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