michael w.

Meaning of picture
Call me. The story is too long to write here.

People say I look like
The Jedi lovechild of Denzel Washington and Paul Walker.

When I call in “sick,” I’m really
fishing San Clemente Island.

I finally
acquired a taste for mustard.

I will
learn a trick to remember people’s names.

Favorite joke
What do my car keys and I have in common? We’re both “my keys”

Favorite pickup line
If I had a soccer ball, would you kick it with me?

Favorite Movie
Dumb & Dumber, Star Wars, Amistad, 300.

My parents always nag me about
not calling them enough.

Favorite Quote
“Don’t wish things were easier. Strive to be better. Don’t wish for fewer problems. Strive for more skill. Don’t wish for fewer challenges. Strive for more wisdom. Either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.”